Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

About Tranzitionz

"Where Beauty is a Lifestyle"


To manifest beauty inside and out by refining the exterior and developing wellness throughout the interior.


To assist our clientele in becoming the highest - most beautiful version of themselves.


We believe the blooming of a Lotus Flower is the ultimate example of the TRANZITION one makes when adopting our concepts of beauty and wellness as a lifestyle. For centuries the lotus has been viewed as a symbol of beauty, purity, grace, elegance, perfection and change.

Meet Our CEO

Lynetta L. Carson-Owens

ingenuity. dexterity. perseverance. 

Born in the hills of West Virginia she developed a relationship with Mother Nature at a tender age, playing outside bare foot, getting lost in the woods, catching tad poles, turtles and frogs from the creek.  She had countless encounters with farm animals that got loose and could not find their way back home. Wolves, possums, deer, raccoons, copper head snakes; never knew what she might come across playing outside on any given day.  Living on top of a mountain watching the seasons come and go; all the beautiful colors; all the wonders of nature.  She felt as if she was deeply rooted to the earth.   There was always a garden.   Growing up after school it was her job to weed the garden and pick fresh vegetables for dinner.   As the harvest season would come to an end she would watch her mother and her grandmother as they canned the vegetables so that they could be stored throughout the winter.   The road home was not paved and the street (if you want to call it that) had no name “Coopers Hill” is what they called it because that was her grandfather’s last name and it was his land.  The trash man never came by and there were no street lights.  The nights were so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your own face.  Night time was quiet time.  When the sun went down it was time to rest.  Rise with the sun and go down with the sun; just the way nature intended.  These experiences shaped her life early on giving her an appreciation of nature and the creations of the Most High.  She couldn’t help but notice everything is connected.  Not just her actions but the actions of all people worldwide affect the Earth and the energy in the atmosphere. 

When asked how she feels about society today she responded “as much as we like to think of ourselves as individuals, looking out for our own best interest we are all in this together.  Our actions affect each other and those who will come after us.  What you put out comes back to you.  When you love others you love yourself.  When you hate others and wish harm upon them you hate and harm yourself as well.  Give out what you want to get back and treat others the way you want to be treated regardless of how they feel about you or where they are at this moment in life.  Learn to love them through it all and in doing so your love for yourself and the love on the Earth and for the Earth will increase and cancel everything else out.”     

With a mother who is a retired member of the Armed Forces discipline and structure were definitely put in place alongside unconditional love and support. No failure. Just lessons.  She is a licensed cosmetologist with over 18 years of experience who holds degrees in Business Administration, Business Management, Sociology & Anthropology and is currently working towards her Masters of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

Definitely a world traveler and one who loves to study culture, healing and lifestyle abroad. She has visited the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central America, South America & Europe.  As she broadens her studies making stops around the world whenever she gets a chance she realizes that regardless of where you are from, what your religious or spiritual beliefs may be there is a commonality that can be found in all practices and all ways of life.  Some call it “the universal law” others “the law of oneness”.   When asked how she interprets this she replied “this law, this understanding, this truth -is something that is imbedded in the heart, soul, and mind of all of us.  It’s the small still voice, the gentle nudge that lets us know right from wrong.  If we would take time to look at the similarities of different religions and beliefs systems and focus more on the similarities (which exceed the differences) we could began to understand and respect each other and work together toward peace and the greater good.”  

She has two beautiful daughters.  Olani Catelaya Livingston born September 11, 2012. Akanni Shula Adekun Owens born August 28, 2016.  Her daughters bring her joy and purpose unimaginable.  She married the love of her life Matthew Owens August 13, 2015 in Cancun, Mexico.  Matthew has 4 children from a previous marriage; they come together to make a beautiful blended family of 8.  

Constantly working towards perfection she truly loves her craft and has made beauty & wellness her life’s work along with writing children's books and sharing her stories and life experiences to encourage others. Being the artist that she is she loves painting, drawing and cooking.  She says "anything that has to do with art or creation makes me feel that much closer to God. Everyday I get up and I  give life everything I've got because I know my creator expects nothing less."

Meet Our Staff


Chantell Hammond-Greene

Chantell is a senior cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience. She offers a professional, timely, and relaxing experience while assuring that when you leave, your hair looks healthy and fabulous!


Chinyere Charles

Mastering a futuristic sense of industry and style, and an exceptional eye for balance, Chinyere is a brilliant, conceptual, and polished artist.

As student of the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chinyere began her cosmetology career in the late 90's.  Upon graduation Chinyere relocated to the Washington D.C. area where her talent became a leader amongst industry professionals, known for her speed, accuracy, and seamless extensions. 


Melissa Hammond

Melissa has been in the cosmology industry for 6 years. She started her career as an apprentice of Styles By Chantell. During that time she has been to several hair shows and hands on classes which she continues to educate herself with the latest trends. 

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Tranzitionz B.&W.C.

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